Vessel naming

  • Maslov, Georgy
    Maslov, Georgy

    A former chairman of Sovfracht and one of the authors of the idea to establish Sovcomflot.

  • Nevelskoy, Gennady
    Nevelskoy, Gennady

    A famous Russian explorer of the Far East who lead the Amur Expedition and proved that Sakhalin is an island.

  • Ovtsyn, Dmitry
    Ovtsyn, Dmitry

    A marine surveyor and one of the first Russian Arctic explorers, who described the Gulf of Ob in detail during his voyages.

  • Primakov, Yevgeny
    Primakov, Yevgeny
    A Soviet and Russian statesman who served as Prime Minister (1998–1999), and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1996–1998).
  • Senkevich, Yuri
    Senkevich, Yuri

    A famous doctor, explorer, traveller and a TV presenter.

  • Tikhonov, Vladimir
    Tikhonov, Vladimir

    A prominent seafarer who have served as a Deputy of the Minister of Merchant Marine of the USSR for more than 20 years and was among the founders of Sovcomflot.

  • Tikhonov, Vyacheslav
    Tikhonov, Vyacheslav

    An actor most famous for portraying colonel Isaev (Stierlitz), a Soviet spy in the TV series Seventeen Moments of Spring (1972).

  • Timmerman, Frans
    Timmerman, Frans
    A 17th-century Dutch merchant who served as a shipbuilding mentor to the Russian emperor Peter the Great and played an important role in creating the Russian seaborne fleet.
  • Titov, Viktor
    Titov, Viktor

    One of the original employees of the Primorsk Shipping Company and one of those who helped create it.

  • Ulyanov, Mikhail
    Ulyanov, Mikhail

    An actor and the artistic director of the Vakhtangov State Academy Theatre, a Lenin Prize Winner, the Secretary of the Board of the USSR Cinema Union, the Chairman of the Theatre Worker’s Union of Russia, Member of the Russian Parliament

  • Ushakov, Fedor
    Ushakov, Fedor

    A legendary Russian admiral who played a key role in the creation and development of the Russian fleet on the Black Sea. He is also remembered as a commander who never suffered a defeat in his entire military career. 

  • Zuev, Nikolay
    Zuev, Nikolay

    A head of Sovfracht, the freight department within the Soviet Ministry of Shipping, a representative of a new formation of Russian shipping leaders who helped lay the foundations of Sovcomflot.