Tikhonov, Vladimir


Vladimir Tikhonov was a sea captain and a prominent seafarer. He worked as the Deputy and the First Deputy of the Minister of Merchant Marine of the USSR for more than 20 years. Vladimir Tikhonov was one of the founders of  Sovcomflot, the first national shipping company established in compliance with international standards and practice.

Vladimir Tikhonov was decorated with the Order of Lenin, the Order of October Revolution, with two Orders of Red  Banners of Labour, the Order of Honour, the Order of Friendship of Nations, the Order of Great Patriotic War of II grade, with five medals, with the Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation and  the Badge of the Honorary Maritime Transport Worker. 

The Suezmax tanker of 162,000 dwt, one of the  largest vessel in the history of Soviet and Russian merchant marine, was named  after Vladimir Tikhonov. The tanker has a high ice class of 1A and meets all the requirements of  international conventions in the sphere of safety of navigation. It is designed  to carry crude oil from the Northern regions of the Baltic Sea  year-round.