Nature conservation

One of the areas in which Sovcomflot focuses its sponsorship priorities is supporting initiatives that protect the natural biodiversity of Russia.

Since 2014, Sovcomflot sponsored a programme aiming to preserve the Amur leopard, the rarest leopard subspecies, in the wild.

This support helps address a number of key issues faced by the Land of Leopard National Park, such as expanding the predators’ habitat and ensuring their forage density. A new wildlife reserve named ‘Leopards on Gamov’ was created on the Sea of Japan coast in 2018, covering over 6,000 hectares of primeval taiga never exposed to human influence. Work is being carried out to provide facilities for the cluster, equipment has been purchased to maintain the territory and protect it from fires.

Apart from that, Sovcomflot has supported the project’s work for the study and preservation of the Amur tiger populations in the Russian Far East since 2016. This support helps to study and monitor the tiger population, protect tigers more effectively outside the designated natural reserves, as well raise awareness, educate the public, and improve the regulatory framework.