Malygin, Stepan

Stepan Malygin (1702-1764) was one of the first Russian Arctic explorers, author of the first navigation guide in Russian, and Head of the Western unit of the Great North Expedition (1733-1743). The sea coast from Yugorski Shar to the mouth of the Ob River was described as a result of Stepan Malygin's voyages. The strait between the Yamal Peninsula and the White and the south-west cape of Yamal bear his name.

A unique Arctic shuttle tanker, designed specifically for the delivery of crude oil from the Yamal Peninsula (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District) to the port of Murmansk, is named in honour of Stepan Malygin. The vessel is operated under the Russian Federation flag and her port of registry is St. Petersburg.

The tanker is capable of operating in the Arctic marine basin throughout the year, at temperatures down to -45° C. The vessel's draught allows her to manoeuvre freely in the Gulf of Ob, whilst her propulsion system has a total capacity of 22 MW, ensuring a high ice-breaking capability and manoeuvrability when passing ridged ice and heavy ice floes. The characteristics of Shturman Malygin meet the highest standards of navigational safety, which is the basic principle of SCF Group’s fleet operations.