Kosygin, Aleksey


Aleksey Kosygin (1904-1980) was a  prominent statesman who was in charge of the USSR Council of Ministers for more than 15 years. A. Kosygin was an energetic leader, a professional and an innovator. He was a reformist of the country’s economy by decentralizing the planning system and strengthening the independence of Russian enterprises. Aleksey Kosygin made a lot for reforming the economy in the needs of the front during the Great Patriotic War. Kosygin was awarded twice the Order of the Hero  of Socialist Labour. He was also decorated with six Orders of Lenin and by the Orders of October Revolution and Red Banner.

The Suezmax tanker of 163,500 dwt, one of the largest vessels in the history of Soviet and Russian merchant marine, was named after Aleksey Kosygin. The tanker has a high ice class of 1A and meets all the requirements of  international conventions in the sphere of safety of navigation. It is designed  to carry crude oil from the Northern regions of the Baltic Sea year-round.