Sovcomflot participates in Rosatomflot's anniversary voyage to North Pole

Rosatomflot's nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy returned to the port of Murmansk on 23 August 2017, successfully completing a voyage to the North Pole to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the icebreaker Arktika reaching the northernmost point of our planet. 

Dmitry Lobusov, Captain of 50 Let Pobedy (left), and Alexander Olshevsky, advisor to Sovcomflot’s President & CEO, at the North Pole, August 2017  

On 17 August 1977, the icebreaker Arktika, commanded by the legendary Captain Yury Kuchiyev, became the world's first surface ship to reach the North Pole. The expedition was led by the Soviet Minister of Merchant Marine Timofey Guzhenko (1918–2008), who would go on to co-found Sovcomflot. The company's history is thus closely linked to that famous voyage.

Timofey Guzhenko, Soviet Minister of Merchant Marine and co-founder of Sovcomflot (second from the left), and Yury Kuchiyev, Captain of the Arktika (centre), at the North Pole, August 1977 

The Arktika's expedition demonstrated the feasibility of year-round navigation along the shortest routes in the Arctic Ocean, and the transit through the Northeast Passage. On 17 August 2017, the icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy, commanded by Captain Dmitry Lobusov, reached the northern latitude of 90°00′00″, setting a new time record. The icebreaker covered the distance between the Murmansk sea port and the North Pole in 79 hours, or less than half the time it took Arktika 40 years prior (176 hours). 

Sovcomflot was represented on this unique expedition by Alexander Olshevsky, advisor to the President & CEO. During a conference on board 50 Let Pobedy while en route, Mr. Olshevsky delivered a report on safe Arctic navigational practices. The conference discussed the prospects for Arctic shipping and the development of major high-latitude industrial projects.

SCF Press Office 

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